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Cannabis, cars and collaboration

I gave two talks this week to college students from the US (now visiting Israel).

The first talk was an abridged version of why Israel is known as the Startup Nation. The second talk looked at why Israel could actually be dubbed the Adaptive Nation.

My talks are never about the specific technologies or algorithms being created.

Instead, I love sharing the behind-the-scenes stories of how something came about.

Speaking to a Tamid Group from CJP Boston in Tel Aviv, July 2018.

I connect the dots and show how one innovation leads to another; how a failure led to a success; how one tech can be adapted to create a global solution.

Speaking to University of Florida students in Tel Aviv about Israeli innovation. July 2018

In the first talk, I told stories about connected cars, health and IoT, and agriculture expertise. There was a dollop of Tikkun Olam in there for good measure.

In the second talk, I shared stories about cannabis, more car tales, camels, agri-tech, water-tech, Israeli-Palestinian collaboration, how Israel adapts its tech expertise to the day’s needed solutions.

It’s one thing to read about certain successes and quite another to hear how they connect. The college students were interested and interesting, asked questions, and shared thoughts of their own.

Here’s looking forward to many more similar happenings.

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