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Rawabi-Tel Aviv innovation

On a recent visit to Rawabi, the first planned city built for and by Palestinians in the West Bank, developer and Palestinian businessman Bashar Masri spoke to a group of American visitors about working with Israel's famous tech community to help move forward the Palestinian people.

Upon returning to Tel Aviv, I happened upon numerous news tidbits -- and side statements -- that, together, seemed to show how Israeli-Palestinian collaboration in the high-tech field is growing.

I spoke to a number of Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs who confirmed this to be the case.

I knew this story had to be told. NoCamels news website agreed to serve as my platform to tell it.

This is a story of optimism. It is a story of hope. And it is a story of people -- on two sides of a political battlefield that simply aren't willing to let governmental leaders decide their fate.

Read the story, here.

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