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Keeping the breakfast in bed charm even when you're bedridden

Breakfast in bed is meant to be pampering.

There are breakfast in bed ideas for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Romantic versions and kid-friendly ideas on how to make the perfect breakfast in bed.

The concept of breakfast in bed for the bedridden has the potential for becoming routine. Dreary.

Breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, dinner in bed, snacks in bed.

So, it is inspiring that my dad has kept the charm around this idea.

Thanks to MSA disease, my mother is pretty much confined to bed. But while this new reality could have easily made breakfast in bed a dull habit, my dad ensures that breakfast in bed keeps as much appeal as possible.

My mother’s morning breakfasts are served in style. On a tray, with a white doily, breakfast in bed includes: a soft-boiled egg in ceramic egg cup; toast or croissant or ice cream served on Hutschenreuther’s Estelle porcelain dishes; a small glass of medicine-laced orange juice; a cup of milk-and-sugar tea, with straw; and a small ceramic dish of medicine-laced apple sauce.

Every morning, breakfast in bed is served properly. And there’s something really nice about that.

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