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So much to learn

At an elementary school today, the pupils made sure to tell Educational Clowns Oshi and Leepa about all the things we didn't know.

Clowns Oshi and Leepa in elementary school. Dec. 2018

We didn't know our style of dress was out-of-style.

We didn't know our hair bows were called 'ugly.'

We didn't know how to do Fortnite dances properly.

We didn't know that Oshi's knapsack was for little kids only, not for educational clowns.

We didn't know that when you go to the bathroom, it is best to be followed there by a group of kids.

There were many things we didn't know.

So, it is really good that we go to elementary school twice a week to learn how to be.

And we have many kids to teach us what to do.

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