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Tech for Good: Hackathon

Over 50% of people with bipolar disorder are initially misdiagnosed. Over 50%!

For some of them, it will take 10 years until they get the right treatment.

And until then, this disorder will create havoc in their lives.

It causes extreme mood swings, intense changes in energy levels, emotional highs, mania, hypomania, emotional lows, and depression.

Here’s the thing … this neurobiological brain disorder is treatable.

Yet, the only way to diagnose bipolar disorder is through subjective measures, questionnaires, and observations.

These past two weeks, I worked with a team of super smart and creative people to try and answer this real-life problem in the mental health arena.

We dove deep into research and came up with a way to use tech to add an objective layer to improve diagnosis.

It was an intense two weeks and super interesting.

The hackathon was part of the MA HCI program at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Our team came out with awards for innovation, prototyping and presentation.

We hope to take our idea forward from this hackathon to find a real solution.

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