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Adding humor to the school day

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Back-to-school season is underway.

For teachers that means lesson plans, learning students’ names, teaching strategies, classroom guidance.

For school counselors that means alternate frames of reference, classroom guidance, defiant kids, building self-esteem.

Oshi and pupils at a school in Israel. September 2019

For parents that means navigating jitters, providing emotional support, easing anxieties, setting a homework tempo.

For Oshi, my alter-ego educational clown, back-to-school means adding humor to the school day.

It means sharing humor with teachers, school counselors, pupils and parents.

It means lots of new blogs about school from the fool’s perspective.

And though a fool, Oshi experiences and sees the impact humor makes to the school day. It is fascinating.

Working as an educational clown, Oshi has accumulated – and continues to accumulate -- tips for teachers, parents and counselors on how to incorporate humor into their teaching, parenting and counseling.

Update: I clowned in schools from 2018-2019. I now give talks and blog about this extraordinary experience.

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